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The Hosts

About Us


Look, here's the deal. We're not F1 experts, and we are not podcast experts.  We're three friends who decided to take our shit talking and group chats about F1 to the next level. Our opinions and Hot Takes are our own, and are often wrong. Please don't follow our betting takes.



Big time fan of all things racing, often making comments about other racing series and overly nerdy comments about race technology.

Favoite Driver: Daniel Riccardo
Favorite Team: HAAS


Ferrari fan by genetics. Really doesn't like Brit drivers for some reason.


Favoite Driver: Charles Leclerc

Favorite Team: Ferrari


Hot Take expert, writer of monlogues. Takes usually draw the ire of Hamilton bot accounts. 


Favoite Driver: Lando Norris

Favorite Team: McLaren

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