Carlos Sainz is Overrated

Updated: Jul 8

Carlos is one of the most popular drivers on the grid and I can’t figure out why for the life of me.

The only thing I can think of is that he’s relatively funny and has a cool accent. With that cool accent, he can say things like he’s a smooth operator and the public just salivates over him. Well, NOT ME. I’m done with him and I’m not scared to say it. The more and more I see him in a Ferrari fire suit the more it makes my skin cringe. I want to take a look back at his career to see how he has somehow tricked everyone into thinking he’s a ‘good’ driver.

Let’s not imagine that Carlos was able to obtain his seat on talent alone. His name says it all. Carlos Sainz JR, the son of Carlos Sainz Sr. For those who do not know the REAL Carlos Sainz is one of the greatest rally car drivers there has ever been. He has won 2 championships and been top 3 in the championship 11 times in his illustrious career. OH, and did I mention he’s sponsored by Red Bull? So when baby Carlos broke into Formula 1 with Toro Rosso I wonder how he got his seat. People complain all the time over F1 and paid drivers. Well in my opinion this is just as bad. Baby Carlos’s claim to his seat is he won the Formula Renault 3.5 Series……. If you’re wondering where this stacks up in the feeder series, so was I. Typically when people performed well in this they were sent to GP3 or GP2, not straight to F1. But those drivers didn’t have Daddy Sainz on their side. So as history goes Carlos gets his chance in F1 Toro Rosso without anything in GP3 or GP2. But let's look back at his career.

1. Toro Rosso 2015-2017

Teammate: Max Verstappen, Daniil Kvyat

Now, looking back people will say he was against Max and there’s no way he comes out on top. But Max was 16 years old and didn’t even have a driver’s license yet. Still Max was by far the better driver beating Carlos by 31 points in 2015 before he was promoted to the Red Bull Seat. This is when Carlos has had the two best season compared to his teammate. In 2016 he beats Kvyat by 21 points and in 2017 by 49 points. Now to be fair to the torpedo in 2017 Red Bull decided to test out Pierre Gasly, and Brendon Hartley in 5 of the last 6 races

2. Renault 2017-2018

Teammate: Nico Hulkenberg

After two years of Kvyat, Sainz decided to change teams and drive for Renault for the last 3 races of 2017. He comes to the team confident and relatively young with a lot to prove. Well, not the best results. He ends up losing to his teammate by 16 points that year. You may say 16 points that not all bad, well if you look at the misfortune of the HULK it doesn’t paint a good picture. Hulkenberg had 7 DNFs mostly due to someone hitting him (looking at you Grosjean) or due to gearbox/engine failure. He had to take a gearbox penalty and suffered due to Renault being Renault. For Carlos, he had a little more luck on his side and saw only 2 DNFs. Multiple times in the season Carlos was given team orders to move aside for the faster Hulkenberg. Given his first year with a new team a little understandable that he was not up to his full potential. But Carlos knew he was not the number one driver for Renault so he got out of town.

3. McLaren 2019-2020

Teammate: Lando Norris

Carlos decides that he needs to find a place that he has no competition, so he goes to the struggling McLaren. This is a big coward move if you ask me. At this time McLaren was trash, Fernando had just left the dumpster fire that was the team and no one wanted anything to do with them. Instead of staying at Renault who was 4th in the constructors the year before he left for McLaren who was 6th and had literally half the constructor points the previous season. You can say he saw something special brewing but that’s Ludacris. He left Renault because he was beat and made the number two driver. During his McLaren years, he beat up on a rookie driver and barely at that. In 2019 he beat his teammate by 47 points, and in 2020 only by 8 points. This is when the world fell in love with Carlos. Because this was the first time that Carlos felt like we was the number one guy. Lando and Carlos always joking around and the McLaren PR team working wonders by getting all the content to the fans. It was great I admit it. But the problem is Carlos seemed to think that by beating Lando his first year, and basically a wash his second year that he was a future WDC. He’s not…..

That leads us to his time with Ferrari. This year it’s clear he is the number two driver, with Charles looking far and above the better driver throughout every weekend. Carlos has struggled to literally keep the car on the track. It’s obvious that whenever there is a pressure moment and he has to deliver, Carlos doesn’t have the ability to pull it off. See Monaco, Barcelona, Emilia, Australia (2x), Silverstone. But even with all this Carlos refuses to listen to team orders unless they benefit him. It’s mind-blowing to me that someone can have that much arrogance and have achieved so little in the sport.

Honestly, Carlos needs to terminate his contract and go race for Mercedes because he acts as all Mercedes drivers do- Cry when they don’t win, blame everyone else, and think they’re gods. (Note: Lewis only has 7 WDC to his name so he needs to calm down, according to the media George IS the second coming to Jesus Christ so he is acting accordingly).

People blame Ferrari for their strategy in Monaco and Silverstone but in both of those races they have told Carlos to do something he essentially said no. Is Ferrari partly to blame, absolutely, because they were stupid enough to sign Carlos and then extend his contract for the next 2 years. It’s a wonder that when a driver says no to your strategy the team is somehow to blame.

Imagine Checo saying no to letting Max pass, or Bottas no for Lewis. Imagine Lewis not coming in for wet tires in Russia last year (see Lando Norris- NOOOOOO). You may not agree with it, but you’ve done as you’re told because you can’t see the bigger picture. If one driver decides to do his own thing the bigger picture is changed for the entire team and that’s what Carlos can’t seem to comprehend.

You’re not a world champion caliber driver. You’re at best the second driver on a constructor’s champion team. You got your win, now sit back listen to your team and let the real racers race.

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